House Raising Brisbane- Ascot

Raising your home and building in underneath is a great way to double the size of your home and create more liveable space.

Whether that be adding extra bedrooms, car parking or a larger entertaining space. The options are limitless!

House Raising Brisbane can raise your house or position it to take full advantage of your block

Specialising In

  • House raise & build in ground floor
  • House raise and build extensions
  • House sliding



Raise and Build in underneath of Queenslander home in Ascot. This Job was completed in 4months

  • Raise house 1metre
  • Install steel beams and columns
  • Excavate level pad under house
  • Install concrete slab
  • Retaining walls
  • Frame walls with 90×35 termite treated pine framing
  • Install timber windows and doors
  • clad external walls with chamfer boards
  • Sheet internal walls with VJ sheeting
  • Ceilings sheeted in plasterboard with cornice
  • Installation of skirting and architraves
  • Internal and external painting
  • Bathrooms and Laundry

At House Raising Brisbane, we Raise Queenslanders, Renovate Queenslanders, build Extensions and Decks.

Contact Ian from House Raising Brisbane today on 0416 097 940.